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A Wealth of History

Morgan County is a rich in heritage, history, and beauty. Formed in 1817, and named after an Revolutionary War officer (Daniel Morgan), Morgan County is located in Eastern Tennessee among the Cumberland Mountains. Located in close proximity to both Interstate 40 and Interstate 75, Morgan County is an easily accessible location for family fun.

The observation deck on top of Frozen Head mountain in Frozen Head State Park offers unbelievable views of the area!

When thinking of this area, we are most commonly associated with the beautiful Frozen Head State Park and Natural Area. However, there are dozens of other tourist and destination stops ranging from Historic Rugby, to horseback and mountain biking along the peak of Lone Mountain State Forest. We've highlighted a few of our resources below, but be sure to check out the full list under Visitor Information!

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Parks and Recreation

Frozen Head State Park
Consisting of over 24,000 acres, with all but 330 acres classified as a state natural area, Frozen Head is truly a beautiful place to explore! The park's terrain varies from 1,300ft to over 3,000ft, in fact, there are over 14 peaks within the park that are over 3,000 feet!

Frozen Head mountain, for which the park is named, is the highest peak in the park at 3,324 feet. During the winter months, the mountain is routinely has a snow-capped appearance which earned the park it's name of Frozen Head.

Hiking is a big part of the park, with over 80 miles of hiking trails, no matter your skill level you will have a good time here! All of the trail heads are easily accessible, and most are located near the park's main office and visitor center. At the top of Frozen Head mountain there is a observation deck which rises above the tree line to give unparalleled views (360 degrees) of the surrounding area. The Great Smoky Mountains and the Tennessee Valley span the eastern horizon, while you overlook the Cumberland Plateau. Nearby, and clearly in view, is Fork Mountain and the Tennessee Valley Authority's Buffalo Mountain Wind Park. The view from the observation deck allows clear view of the Wind Park's windmills, towering 360 feet in height.

There is so much more to see and experience at Frozen Head, so make plans to visit today!

The Cumberland Trail, a scenic hiking trail which will stretch from Cumberland Gap in Kentucky to Chickamauga National Military Park in Chattanooga, passes through Morgan County.

Catoosa Wildlife Management Area
82,000 acres of wild land on the upper Cumberland Plateau in both Morgan and Cumberland counties. This area offers some of the best hunting in East Tennessee! This area is home to deer, wild turkey, wild boar, fox squirrels, gray squirrels, ruffed grouse, raccoons, quail, rabbits, and mourning doves. For your fishermen, the game include smallmouth bass, rock bass, bluegill, and muskellunge.

Although the area is funded by hunters and fishermen, it is popular with all outdoor enthusiasts! Backpacking is very popular in the area, as well as whitewater rafting! The area has many deep cut canyons created by the rivers and streams, and offers access to beautiful scenery unlike anywhere else. The many trails allow access to the back country, but perhaps the best known path is the Cumberland Trail which passes through the area.

Overnight camping is allowed on designated areas. The area is closed to entry between sunset and sunrise.

Obed Wild and Scenic River - National Park
Canoeing, kayaking and rafting are among the many things that bring people to the Obed. The river is one of the best whitewater rivers in the eastern United States and contains three different difficulty classifications (II-IV). The Obed stretches along the Cumberland Plateau and is managed by the National Park Service.

Most known for it's whitewater, the Obed also offers rock climbing opportunities for experienced climbers. There are several hundred climbing routes throughout the park, as well as boulder climbing available along the river itself. The sandstone rock of the Obed will challenge even the most experienced climbers!

Fishermen will find plenty of opportunities at the Obed. Smallmouth bass, bluegills, catfish, and muskie are a few of the various fish that swim the river! The beautiful views of the river make hiking the trails of the Obed one of the most enjoyable activities you can do at the park! Multiple trails are available with varying lengths and scenery.